SK's Pre-Advance Booking Discount Pricing

A Real Reward For A Simple Moral Responsibility

Our Pre–Advance Booking Discount Pricing are aim to do two things, 1) To eliminate the immoral practice on food wastage, 2) A reward saving for our customers. We all acknowledge the immoral practice of throwing food away when it can be reduced or eliminated altogether. Every year the food industry dispose tons of expired food costing the consumers millions of pound, it is a practice caused by over production to meet estimated demand. Rightly so all expired food should be discarded, but the practice is immoral and can be avoided.

At SK we believe this practice can be eliminated with the help from our customers, like when you book your airline ticket, the earlier you book the lower the cost for an identical product. Our system works on a similar principle, when we have an accurate rate of demand we can eliminate the practice of estimated demand. As a direct result achieving our second goal, rewarding our customers who help us make it possible. We believe in this reward for those who contributed in making our moral responsibility becoming a reality. Our aim is to deliver SK’s casual fine dining experience, using the finest ingredients such as dry aged Scottish Highland rib eye beef steak, free range lamb loin and pork loin. With our Advance Pre-booking Discount Pricing you can save over 40% when you pre-book, just like you would when you book your airline ticket in advance.

Twenty years ago who would have thought we could now fly around Europe at such affordable prices, a weekend in Paris, Prague or Barcelona are the things we have taken for granted. Initially there were scepticism on how these airline can run at such tight margins, but now most of us have taken these low cost airline as an frequent necessity. Our Advance Pre-booking runs on a similar concept except we have not cut the quality to make savings. We simply eliminate the immoral practice on food wastage and introducing a fixed time dining to increase efficiency. With the saving we can provide more luxurious ingredients normally not associated with an everyday event. With your cooperation our system can offer exclusive fine dining at everyday prices delivering SK’s innovative casual fine dining without the unnecessary auxiliary.

With our commitment and your logistical contribution we can make this work for our mutual benefit and the moral achievement . Our system is new, like the low cost airline the initial introduction may take a little time in getting use to, once the basic principle is understood you will be able to navigate the system with ease. The following key drives our core ethos allowing everyone the opportunity to frequent SK’s casual fine dining without the extraordinary price tag.

  • Your advance pre-booking allows us to calculate the exact needs to meeting the exact demand, helping us to reduce food wastage. In return the margins allowed for disposing expired food will be handed back to our customer.
  • Our casual fine dining is about food to be enjoy frequently without the overblown grandeur, any unnecessary auxiliary will not be deploy allowing us to pass on more saving to our customers.
  • Increasing efficiency by deploying fixed time seating and fixed time dining, this gives us the ability to reduce our margins further when we can operate near or to maximum capacity.
  • Providing off peak seating times for those who can dine at these specific times in exchanging for more saving.
  • Like airline, punctuality is crucial to our operation, with your cooperation in adhering your dining time we believe the mutual benefits is instant.
  • Our aim is to deliver SK’s exclusive casual fine dining at frequent affordability.