Customer Information and Nut Allergy or Food Allergen

As a safety precaution to all our customers who suffer from food allergy condition should note SK cannot guarantee our product or products are totally free from any nut or food allergen that you may suffer from. We operate an extremely high standard of practice in our commercial kitchen and we do handle ingredients such as nuts and wheat base products. If you do suffer from any kind of food allergy condition however minor they might be we recommend you avoid our product entirely as a safety precaution.

Our priority are the wellbeing of our customers and the public at large, under these circumstances however petty it may sound we must implement and highlight these points to all of our customers that they must take this declaration seriously even if these food allergen is not listed on our menu or mention by our member of staff. Under No condition or circumstance shall we be hold or held responsible for any liable damage cause by the effect of food allergy or food allergen directly or indirectly.

We take pride on using the finest ingredients available to us on preparing the food that we serve to our customers. We take significant steps on sourcing such ingredients for our food preparation and we're proud the standard we stride for is so high it leaves others envying our philosophy. We take the SK's "Wellbeing Eating" philosophy seriously and we don't believe in adding artificial colourings or flavourings (know as MSG) in our preparation and cooking process, such artificial additive is not part of SK's "Wellbeing Eating" philosophy.+

+When sourcing any ingredients including sauces for the use of our food preparation we'll do our utmost endeavour on sourcing these ingredients or sauces from reputable supplier or suppliers who seek the standard as we have. SK's Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is source from producer who seek the naturally brewing method with their factory been frequently inspected by SK or SK's representative to comply with SK's Standard. However due to the complexity in sourcing such ingredients and sauces from around the world we cannot guarantee if these ingredients including all sauces are totally free from any artificial colouring or artificial additive even if it claim to be. Under no circumstance shall we be hold or held responsible for any liable damage cause by any of our supplier(s) or producer(s) directly or indirectly on these related issue or issues.