Glossary to SK's "Wellbeing Eating" Philosophy

Natural Ingredients

We take pride on using the finest ingredients available to us on preparing the food that we serve to our customers. We take significant steps on sourcing such ingredients for our food preparation and we're proud the standard we stride for is so high it leaves others envying our philosophy. We take the SK's "Wellbeing Eating" philosophy seriously and we don't believe in adding artificial colourings or flavourings (know as MSG) in our preparation and cooking process, such artificial additive is not part of SK's "Wellbeing Eating" philosophy.++

SK's Signature Steamed Pearl Rice (SK's Healthiest)

Our finest Japanese Pearl Rice with a unique texture. SK's Signature steaming gives it a unique note of character that is unparallel maintaining SK's "Wellbeing Eating" Philosophy.

SK's Signature Egg Fry Rice

SK's Signature Steamed Japanese Pearl Rice is further enhanced with egg and SK's Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce for a deliciously distinctive flavour which cannot be replicated.

SK's Signature Yakisoba Pearl Rice

SK's egg infused Japanese Pearl Rice stirred fried with SK's Spicy Chilli Garlic.

SK's Use of Cholesterol Free Vegetable Oil

Traditional Oriental cooking uses vegetable oil and is a healthy choice. However, we use Cholesterol Free vegetable oil in all our cooking processes.

SK's Skinless Crispy Duck Pancake Roll

Ducklings contain a high level of natural saturated fat in its skin. With the traditional deep frying the good old Crispy Duck contains more fat than you'd think. In keeping with SK's Philosophy on healthy eating, we seasoned the duck the traditional way and that's where the traditional process ends. We slowly braised the duck allowing SK's unique seasoning to mellow its maturity maximising its delicious taste and texture. We then remove the fatty skin and fillet the meat ready for the next step.

We combine SK's filleted Skinless Crispy Duck meat with selected seasonal vegetables and Oriental Vermicelli, wrap it in pancake pastry and shallow pan fry it in Cholesterol Free Vegetable Oil. SK's Skinless Crispy Duck Pancake Roll contains up to 75% less saturated fat than traditional alternatives.

SK's Luxurious Steamed Siu Mai

Traditionally, Siu Mai recipes are made from 30% pork fat, 40% fatty pork and 30% prawn. The only healthy aspect to this recipe is the steaming process. Our healthier version just uses pure king prawn and succulent fillet of chicken to give you a virtually fat free, Luxurious Steamed Siu Mai - deliciously presented the SK way.

SK's Wan Ton

Wan Ton is literally translated as Cloud Dumpling and at SK we have gone to great lengths to ensure our version mirrors our "Wellbeing Eating" philosophy. What you may not know is that like the Sui Mai, Wan Ton is traditionally made with a large percentage of pork fat. Our Wan Ton recipe is made from 100% King Prawn excludes pork and pork fat for a tempting, virtually fat free alternative.

SK's Pork Steak Rib (Boneless)

Traditional Cuts of Pork Belly Ribs contain a high amount of saturated fat. Instead, we choose selected cuts of plump pork steak to make SK's Boneless Pork Rib. This juicy cut contains up to 75% less saturated fat but is still a melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

At face value this may seem to be slightly more expensive, but not if you take into account that as much as 65% of a traditional dish is bone with the remaining 35% being fatty pork belly. Knowing this makes our thinking much clearer.

SK's Sweet & Sour

Our philosophy extends to essential ingredients such as our SK's Sweet & Sour Sauce too. Because the traditional version contains high levels of salt in the batter coating, the sweet & sour sauce needed even higher sugar levels to balance out the saltiness. At SK, we re-invented a well loved recipe and made it healthier. By taking away the batter, we reduced our sauce's sugar and salt content by up to 40%. And, with no batter, the dish is instantly up to 70% lower in fat. So now you can enjoy SK's comfort food without any guilty feelings.

SK's Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce

Naturally brewed soy sauce takes up to three months to ferment in order to reach its optimum maturity. This brewing method is what gives one of our favourite sauces its unmistakable taste, making it a tempting dip, marinade or flavouring.++

Why Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce?

For commercial reasons the majority of the soy sauce on the market is made from forced brewing. Speeding up the process to just six days means more can be produced but this raised our concerns about the chemical agent(s) that may be used to do this. Naturally, the cost of traditionally brewed soy sauce is more expensive but our ethical responsibility will only allow soy sauce with the SK name to be traditionally brewed.++

SK's Teriyaki Sauce

Japanese rice wine, SK's naturally brewed soya sauce and a hint of honey infused for a distinctive flavour.

SK's Signature Beef

A selected fine cut of beef slowly poached in SK's Oriental seasoning with a hint of star aniseed and root ginger to give it a mellow and uniquely oriental flavour and texture; an orthodox tradition with rice or noodles.

SK's Pepper Seasoned Sake Beef Sauce

SK's beef stock is slowly cooked with a hint of ginger before being shown a splash pepper seasoned Sake for an irresistible taste. This sauce is ideal for SK's Signature Beef.

SK's Oriental Clear Soup

SK's Oriental Clear Soup is made from the finest natural ingredients available to us. To create the perfect soup takes real time and dedication. First, we use natural vegetables to make a stock. We then phase in the core note of SK's Clear Soup by cooking the vegetable stock with tender chicken to create the unique characteristic of SK's Oriental Clear Soup.

For SK's Vegetable Clear Soup the process is the same except we combine the vegetable stock with roasted vegetables. This unique method brings out the distinctive character of roasted root vegetables flooding it with flavour. The standard of excellence we set in the preparation and making of SK's Oriental Clear Soup and SK's Vegetable Clear Soup is the foundation for all SK's cooking and preparation.

SK's Fresh Noodles

Traditional dry noodles are easy, flexible and have a long shelf life. To stay flexible, and affordable, some may contain artificial preservatives. As this doesn't belong to SK's "Wellbeing Eating" Philosophy, we only ever serve freshly made noodles. From selecting the right flour to the skilful noodle making process and regulating our automatic climate storage system, we take every step possible to ensure we serve our customers the freshest noodles.

SK's Ramen Noodles

Medium sized noodles made from egg & wheat are ideal for noodle soup. The best way to enjoy SK's Ramen Noodle Soup is with old fashioned chopsticks, gathering scoopfuls of noodles to enjoy a taste sensation in every mouthful. For the finale wash it down with the remaining SK's soup for a wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

SK's Stir Fry Noodles

Medium to thick sized noodles made from egg and wheat are best for stir frying. SK's Stir Fry Noodles are Signature made using the finest fresh noodles. The noodles are first blanched in SK's vegetable stock, and then the flavour of the noodles is further enhanced by stir frying in SK's selected stock.

SK's Dim Sum - Spring Rolls & Appetisers

SK's focus is to make much-loved recipes healthier and to maintaining their scrumptious taste. One example is Sesame Prawn on Toast because bread contains air pockets that soak up oil during cooking process. We simply wrap the sesame seed prawn filling with light spring roll pastry reducing the oil content by up to 75%. Even thought the oil we use is cholesterol free any reduction in oil intake is a right step forward.

++When sourcing any ingredients including sauces for the use of our food preparation we'll do our utmost endeavour on sourcing these ingredients or sauces from reputable supplier or suppliers who seek the standard as we have. SK's Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is source from producer who seek the naturally brewing method with their factory been frequently inspected by SK or SK's representative to comply with SK's Standard. However due to the complexity in sourcing such ingredients and sauces from around the world we cannot guarantee if these ingredients including all sauces are totally free from any artificial colouring or artificial favouring even if it claim to be. Under no circumstance shall we be hold or held responsible for any liable damage cause by any of our supplier(s) or producer(s) directly or indirectly on these related issue or issues.