The SK Wellbeing Eating Club Terms & Conditions

1. The SK Wellbeing Eating Club ("the Club") is run by and remains the property of SK Corporation Limited (Company No 05877047) ("SK") which reserves the right, at any time without notice, to: (a) terminate the Club; (b) decline to issue Membership; and (c) on reasonable grounds, withdraw or cancel Membership or Club Points collected, or to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Club. Reasonable grounds include (i) any abuse or attempted abuse of the Membership, or (ii) any use or attempted use of Membership in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions or (iii) any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a Member in connection with the Club.

2. All Members must be resident in the UK and aged 18 years or over.

3. Club membership ("Membership") means participation in the activities and benefits of the Club on the terms and conditions of the Club from time to time of the person whose signature is on the membership application form ("the Member") and is not transferable.

4. Members may be removed from the Club at any time at the discretion of SK.

5. Membership provides the benefits as set out in these conditions, as amended from time to time, only and no further benefits.

6. The Club is only for personal and consumer use. Points earned by a Member ("Club Points") cannot be transferred, sold or in any way traded.

7. Membership cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business and/or the owners of a business.

8. The personal identification number ("PIN") and user name ("User Name") issued to the Member with Membership remains the responsibility of the Member throughout Membership and neither the Club nor SK can be held responsible for any misuse or loss arising from the operation of the PIN or User Name.

9. To collect Club Points for a purchase made by a Member at a Straits Kitchen, or other participating retailer, the Member must enter their User Name on the computer terminal provided. Club Points can only be collected by the Member making the purchase.

10. In the event that the Member does not claim Club Points at the time of the purchase the Member can still claim Club Points by using the Club's website and entering the receipt number from the purchase receipt ("After Purchase Claims"). The Club will only allow one claim for Club Points in respect of any one purchase and it is the Member's responsibility to ensure that any After Purchase Claims are properly made. Neither the Club nor SK can be held responsible for any misuse or loss arising from After Purchase Claims.

11. The Member must spend at least £1 in a single transaction for the transaction to qualify for Club Points. Then two Club Points will be awarded for every complete £1 that is spent. This can be altered at the discretion of the Club. The Club shall be entitled to set a limit on the number of points which may be awarded to each Member in respect of special promotional items on which additional Club Points are awarded.

12. Where Club Points can be collected with other participating retailers other terms and conditions may apply. Please check with the participating retailers for further details.

13. Rewards, in the form of the SK Reward Programme, will be made available in accordance with the terms of the SK Reward Programme to Members.

14. Membership runs for a period of 12 months ("the Year") from the allocation of the User Name by the Club to the Member. The Club Points accumulated within the Year will only count for use within the Year and at the end of the Year the Member's Club Points total will be re-set to zero.

15. Members shall be allocated to Silver Membership level upon joining and shall be entitled to Silver Membership benefits as set out by the Club from time to time.

16. Members shall be advanced at the end of the Year to Pearl Membership level upon collection of 500 Club points within the Year, Gold Membership Level upon collection of 1000 Club points, Platinum Membership Level upon collection of 2000 Club points, and Diamond Membership Level upon collection of 4000 Club points.

17. Members shall remain at the Membership level allocated at the start of any Year until the end of that Year. At the end of any Year the Member shall be allocated to the Membership level appropriate to the number of Club Points collected by the Member during the immediately preceding Year and that allocation shall apply for the Year following.

18. The personal data supplied by Members is required for the operation of the Club including other related reward programme operated by the Club and delivery of associated benefits and services, ongoing Club development, communication news and information to Members. Failure by Members to provide or keep up to date required data may result SK and its partner or franchisees being unable to provide Membership of the Club and associated benefits. In such cases, Membership may be terminated.

19. All information is managed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. Information may be passed to SK or associated partner, partner's organisations or franchisees to facilitate communication of news and information to Members. Members have the right not to receive such communication from the Club, the Club's associated reward programme, SK and its associated partner or franchisees.

20. Members have the rights to request to review and correct any personal data held by the Club. Members can access the data held with the Club via Member's personal home page, as the data was completed by Members via internet process any error or errors data held by the Club will not be the responsibility of the Club. The Member must keep the data up to date and by enrolment as Member of the Club Members have accepted the terms and conditions of the Club in accordance with Members personal data. The Club will not be held liable for any loss or damage due to the incorrect personal data held by the Club. Enrolment as Member of the Club or any use of the Club's benefits, services and facilities by a Member is acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Club.

21. Members are responsible for keeping the Club up to date as to their correct electronic communication/postal address.