In 1977 a family of immigrants from Hong Kong settled in England bringing with them their heritage on natural wellbeing. From there SK’s Natural Eating Philosophy was born. A company founded by the Chung Family with an ethical belief in natural food, believing in an ethos where integral responsibility is above corporate interest. As a company we based our research, development and production of our natural products in the UK, giving unprecedented product traceability and provenance. As well as operating our own founding shop in the UK, we supply our natural products to the catering trade who mirror our natural philosophy.

Our role is to offer an opportunity to understand our ethical beliefs, our ethos and our passion for natural food. Given the choice most of us would prefer to eat natural food without artificial flavour enhancers such as MSG. Without dedicated determination eliminating those artificial flavour enhancers from the food we eat can be difficult. These flavour enhancers are all around us, from restaurants to cafés, ready meals to street food. Our goal is simply to share our natural eating philosophy, an ideology where we believe natural food is more harmoniously in tune with our bodies.

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