Terms and Conditions on Promotion and Offers

Discount offer on hot food when purchasing SK's selection of ambient/cold sauces. The discounts are subject to the terms and conditions of the discount offer and it cannot be use in conjunction with any other promotion or offers.

1. When purchasing any SK's selection of ambient/cold sauces (sweet & sour sauce, sweet chilli, Hoi Sin sauce, Chilli soya sauce) alongside any hot take away food on the same transaction, you will receive a discount on the hot food you have purchase equal to the amount you've purchase on any SK's ambient/cold sauces subject to a limit not more than the total cost of the hot food purchase.

2. For example if the total purchase of SK's sauce is £3.75 you will receive a maximum £3.75 discount from the total cost of your hot food purchase on that same transaction or an amount equal to the total cost of the hot food whichever is the lower and the discount can never be more than the total cost of the hot food purchase at anyone transaction.

3. The discount can only be for the cost of the hot food purchase on the same transaction as the purchase of SK's ambient/cold sauces, the discounts offer cannot be use for the cost of SK's ambient/cold sauces, SK's dessert, SK's prawn crackers, SK's oriental cookies and selected drinks. There is no limit of the amount of sauce you're allow to buy or the maximum discount you're able to receive subject to the maximum limit stated on note 2. The discount is subject to availability and SK can withdraw the Hot Food Discount Offer or any other offers at anytime without prior notice.

4. SK's Hot Food Discount Offer effect the amount of VAT you pay, if you wish to claim back the VAT the amount you have paid will be shown on the receipt of each transaction. The Hot Food Discount Offer is an offer where discounts are given on hot food purchase when SK's ambient/cold sauces are purchase alongside with any SK hot take away food. This is subject to the terms and conditions of the offer.