Our "Wellbeing Eating" Philosophy

The natural ingredients of SK's "Wellbeing Eating" Philosophy will give you a tongue-tingling experience bursting with natural flavours.

At SK our ethos is simple, allowing everyone the opportunity to share our "Wellbeing Eating" philosophy. Our philosophy revolves around the emphasis of natural and healthier alternative ingredients without the use of artificial flavourings such as MSG. What you eat means a great deal to us. Our passion for the real alternative has inspired us to master the art of recreating delectable and sumptuous dishes from traditional Oriental recipes. Whether it's the healthy option you're after, the comfort variety, the vegetarian choices, the spicy section or the carbohydrate counter.

By making changes to the way we prepare, cook and most importantly, our use of healthier alternative ingredients, you can continue your accustomed lifestyle with the added benefit of SK's "Wellbeing Eating" philosophy. For example SK's Sweet & Sour contains up to 40% less sugar and salt and up to 70% less oil and fat compared with typical recipes. While our Boneless Pork Steak Rib replaces the traditional Pork Belly Rib or "Spare" Ribs reducing the saturated fat content by up to 70%.

SK's philosophy isn't about changing your lifestyle, it is about changing to the healthier alternative and being part of SK's "Wellbeing Eating" culture. We've done the hard part, it is now up to you to make a simple informed change. Don't just take our word for it, explore our philosophical menu you'll be amazed by our unorthodox method and approach. The result is a menu of healthier food, bursting with taste. Why choose to eat in any other way when our delectable options offer a superb wellbeing alternative?