SK's "Wellbeing Eating" Club and Reward Programme

SK's "Wellbeing Eating" Club and SK's "Life Style" Reward Programme is our way of saying thank you for your support and sharing the same belief as SK's "Wellbeing Eating" Philosophy. Saying thank you is one thing but really meant it is another, hence we placed the whole emphasis of our sincerity into our Reward Programme.

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Our reward programme is unique membership is free and have its privileges. With our exclusive online enrolment facility membership joining couldn't be any easier, the programme consist some similarity to other reward schemes. The main difference is that you simply request the reward you want and we'll try our utmost in getting you the reward that you deserve. This reward can be anything from a day to the Races, a weekend to New York, a Luxury Good you've been longing for, maybe a trip to Hong Kong or simply exchange for more SK's Food. This might sound complicated but it is simple the decision rest on you to come up with the reward you wanted and we'll do our up most in fulfilling that desire.+

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+The reward programme is subject to all the terms and conditions please refer to the reward programme's terms and conditions for full detail