SK's Guarantee Traceability
(Scottish Highland Beef, Lamb and Pork)

Our meat comes from a supplier who is approved within the specification set out below;

  • "BALLINDALLOCH" – All cattle are raised and finished within 30 miles of the Spey Valley.
  • "LUING" – Sired by a Luing Bull
  • "ABERDEEN ANGUS" – Sired by Aberdeen Angus
  • "CAIRNGORM BEEF FROM THE HIGHLANDS" – Finished within the Cairngorm National Park.

As all our products are procured from reliable and traceable sources, we can therefore guarantee full traceability. Together with our supplier the traceability starts from the gate to your plate back by certification from our supplier. SK's endeavour is to maintain the highest level of guarantees and traceability on our product giving you not just peace of mind but our commitment in serving you the very best money can buy.

SK's Scottish Highland Beef

SK's beef comes from the Scottish Highland, they graze freely from spring to autumn on permanent pastures. During the winter months these cattle are feed on a combination of straw and fermented malt from the local Scotch whisky distillery. The terrain of maintain spring water, the grazing on unspoilt pastures and the winter diet of fermented malt. It is these combined territorial uniqueness which gives this beef its special marble mature flavour, further enhance during the Dry Aging process.

Why Do We Dry Aged Beef

Dry aging is a process where the beef is hung in a special climate control room for up to 28 days. Normally only high quality meat is use for dry aging, as the process requires a large evenly distributed fat covering the surface of the meat. The process changes the beef by two means. Firstly the beef’s natural enzymes breaks down the tough connecting tissue in the muscle leading to more tenderness. Secondly the evaporation of moisture from the muscle creates a greater natural concentration of beef flavour. Our choice the Rib Eye Beef Steak is the most prized cut, you simply need to try it before you can fully appreciate why this beef commands such high premium.

Scottish Highland Lamb

SK Scottish Lamb are reared from the scenic and remote pastures of the North East and Central Highlands. With the wide open rugged landscape and the tough environmental conditions favours the native breeds such as the Scottish Blackface. These native sheep roam freely grazing grass on the moorland, with additional forage such as silage or hay produced on the farm. The harsh but natural environment of the Highlands has an important effect on the final product; blackface lamb tends to be low in fat with a natural defence mechanism to aid survival in tough conditions. The meat has a delicately sweet yet distinctive flavour, this is even more noticeable in animals grazing on the heather and bracken moors.

SK's Scottish Highland Pork

All of the Pigs comes from the Highlands of Scotland, the pig roam freely on open field resulting to a naturally leaner pork with more natural sweetness. The pigs are sired by pure bred 'Large Whites' this genetic influence gives the offspring a good conformation, the piglets are mothered by a cross-breed known as a 'Landroc' this is a combination of a 'Landrace' which means the sows are good mothers and a 'Duroc' which gives the meat its subtle sweet taste. These pigs are born outside in pig arcs on grassland; they are left to farrows in peace and solitude without the intrusion of modern farrowing crates. During the harsh winter the pigs are feed home grown barley and fermented malt, with the pigs spending majority of their lives outdoors but with continual access to shelter.